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Always a New Day 08/11/2011

Always a new day

Ever a hope

Dog on a chain now

No time to mope.

Look to the future

Too far to see –

Look to the past

Learn, go, move on, be.

Live in the moment.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Take hold of hope

No place for doubt.

The path isn’t cast;

Life is to live.

Strive for your hearts goals.

You get what you give.

Nov 2011


6 Responses to “Always a New Day”

  1. willowdot21 Says:

    All true!especially you get what you give! As I said all true,but can we live up to this!


  2. Hannah Says:

    Beautifully written X


  3. LunaSunshine Says:

    Beautiful and inspiring as always. Right on time. I need this now more than ever. Thank you.


  4. James Claims Says:

    Jill, I hope that you don’t mind, but I nominated you for Best Health Blog on Blogger’s Choice Awards. I love your site so much as well as the advice you give.


    • Was just laughing out loud because I had been really excited to hear about your nomination. You write great stuff. I’d just come back from voting for you.
      Thanks so much for the nomination and the compliment.


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