sit. stay. good boy.

Forgetfulness 06/11/2011

This morning I forgot to take my pills

which wouldn’t be so bad –

Except that I forgot yesterday as well.

And so today I’m spacey cos I don’t

forget to take them as a rule

And my senses feel estranged – they ebb and swell.

My mind is hard to focus

I need to find some gum

When I chew I can organise my thoughts

I could crunch to concentrate

or just sleep to rejuvenate

And tomorrow take my meds just as I ought.

ps I usually use a Dosette box, but got slack about refilling it this week.  Bad move.


3 Responses to “Forgetfulness”

  1. willowdot21 Says:

    Not a good move, if I forget my pills I get pain, and if I forget still I get withdrawal symptoms. I hope you do not get those…… why can’t you take your pills now you have remember ?? XX


    • I left it too late to take my morning meds. I’ll take my pm meds (and did those ones yesterday too). Right now I’m going to repack my dosette box so that they’re there ready and waiting tomorrow. Then I’ll retire. I’m out of it.


  2. malika Says:

    hi thanks so much for this. i would love some info on how to start a sensory kit and access to the questionnaire please 🙂


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