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My Pyjamas 07/09/2011

I know better.  I really, really do.  There are good reasons why it’s not uncommon to find me in my pyjamas long after I get up.  Really …

Firstly they are comfortable.  Soft fabric, loose, warm, cosy.  In summer soft and breezy.

They’re warm (it’s still cool down here in the Southern hemisphere)

I’d need to take them off and be unwarm for a little while to get dressed.

I don’t feel like having a shower and all that yet (today is my day off).  Too much effort.

I’m not sure what I want to wear later today and am not that motivated to choose at the moment because it really doesn’t matter.

I’m at home.

They’re home and relaxing kind of feeling things.

Nobody else is going to see me.

I LIKE my pyjamas!

It saves washing???

Smell? What smell? …  ohh! you mean the one that’s following me when I do this for three days in a row without changing?

But that’s not me today.  Today’s my day off.  Lots of people mooch around in their PJs late into the morning on their day off.  Yet, only last week I was recalling that this behaviour – when habitual is one of my warning signs.How do I know the difference?  In truth – I don’t.  At least, I’ve missed the warning signs until too late enough times that I know that I’m not yet able to reliably spot the difference.  What can I do?

The first option is to not let myself stay in my PJs after getting up whatever the day – rather to go straight for the shower or get dressed as soon as I get up.  Reality is that I don’t really put a serious start to the day while I’m still in my PJs – and I need to move past the ‘getting up’ phase of the day earlier than I do much of the time.

The second is that I time limit it and say that I need to be out of my PJs by a certain time.  I’m thinking of taking this one up.  Which means the next thing that I need to do is head for the shower because it has passed that time already.

Wish me luck.


5 Responses to “My Pyjamas”

  1. Catherine Dexter Says:

    I think you are coming up with a great plan to get out of your PJs..setting yourself a certain time limit to be dressed for the day is definitely a good idea- in theory! But it’s hard to do in practice, there’s always the danger of telling yourself “five more minutes”. In order to make it work for you, you just need to do it…just make yourself get into the shower and once the wheels are in motion it is easier to gather pace. I am still in my PJs at the moment and its 10.30 am here BUT it’s the first time in a week I’ve been so late and I’ve been catching up on a few emails this morning. I had allowed myself a slow start today because I’ve been exhausted for days, but tomorrow I won’t be lenient, I will have to get back on the road or I will start to slip. It’s easy to slip and hard to keep going but just push through the barrier as best as you can and allow yourself an ‘off day’ here and there, it’s not lazy it’s what we earn, because the ‘black dog’ sure is exhausting work..take care XX P.s I love the little cartoon pic x


    • You are sooooo right on the “5 more minutes” thing. I’m giving myself a couple of weeks of the time limit and then if I’m not doing it, it will have to go to the “up and shower” – which I really don’t want to have to do on my day off – but… Oh well. Good motivation to make it work.


  2. DoggedCat Says:

    Hello J,

    I really like your posts, and hope you are well! If not, I hope you’re doing what you know to do, and getting help from those you can rely on.

    Look forward to reading you again soon!


    • Thanks DC.
      I’ve had a bit of a shocker of a week. Migraine followed by a bug 😦 but feeling better now and will be back online this week.
      Had a great old time working through the list after blogging earlier. Like all housework it needs doing again, but the place isn’t grotty and the dishes aren’t piled up. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house after being crook for a week though. I just need to act on the cabin fever now! The family and others I’ve been talking to have been helpful.


  3. Titus Larbie Says:

    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a speculative conclusion outstanding post!


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